Funding Announced

Posted on November 20th, 2014

Funding Announced from Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

The Shipwreck Society is very pleased to announce receipt of two grant funding awards from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs for its fiscal year 2015.

First, the Society is recipient of an award of $32,000 from the Program for Operational and Program support. This is the only operational grant the Society receives, and its amount is based on several factors, including how well and how extensively our organization presents its cultural, humanities, and arts programs, and how well we score during its thorough reviews.

Second, the Society has received another award of $18,000 to support purchase and installation of modern, digital, audio/visual equipment in the Motor Lifeboat House. This award comes through the Capital Improvement Program of MCACA. We thank our board member Corey Adkins for his direct assistance in organizing this project.

“It is heartening to know that the State is doing well enough to support our artistic programs in the Upper Peninsula at this level,” said Sean Ley, Development Officer for the Shipwreck Society. “Not long ago, we received less funding, primarily due to the economy. The state administration appreciates the great value the arts have for our residents and visitors, and we thank our legislators for this funding.”

Ley said that Shipwreck Society members who live in Michigan should take a moment to thank their state legislators for its appropriation to the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural affairs whenever possible.


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