Goodbye To Our Good Friend

Posted on September 2nd, 2015

As many of you might know, Dennis Hale passed away on September 2 at his home in Rock Creek, Ohio. Dennis was not only the sole survivor of the 1966 shipwreck of the Daniel J. Morrell, but was also a true friend to all of us at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. We always looked forward to his summer visits and truly enjoyed watching him and his wife, Barb, interacting with museum visitors and signing books. Dennis got to know many of us on a personal level and would often ask, “how are you doing?”, or “how have things been at the museum”, knowing that we might be in a particularly busy time of the season. For any of us that might have had the pleasure of visiting with Dennis and Barb in their hometown, one quickly got the idea that everybody knew Dennis and everybody loved the guy. His shipwreck story was one of tragedy, but he would always tell the story in such a way that you felt like you “were there” and you could almost relate to the incredible circumstances that surrounded his shipwreck and survival. Our hearts go out to his wife and family. He will be missed.

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