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The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society is a 501 c (3) charitable organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. This means, that subject to current tax laws, contributions to the Shipwreck Society are tax-deductible. It is recommended that donors check with their own accountants or financial planners prior to making a charitable donation.

The Society’s Board of Directors includes a professional charitable investment planner who will discuss Planned Giving Alternatives for those interested in making major donations.

The Shipwreck Society will accept cash donations and provide an official receipt to the donor. Donations may be made in memory of someone or to honor someone, with a printed recognition in the Shipwreck Journal as well as a letter to the honoree. Contributions of $250 or more to the Whitefish Point Light Restoration Project are recognized by designation of one of the tower steps per the donor’s wishes.

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