Shipwreck Mug Above and Below


These 5 mugs represent shipwrecks that the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society has found in years past. In your choice of:  the COMET, the COWLE, the MATHER, the OSBORN and the VIENNA.
Each mug has the artist’s depiction of what the ship looked like on her maiden voyage and what the shipwreck looks like underwater in Lake Superior.  There is also a description of each of the vessels on the back of the mug.  The dimensions are:  4 1/2″ tall x 5″ across (includes handle) x 3 1/4″ in diameter.


Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 x 5 x 4.5 in

Comet, Cowle, Mather, Osborn, Vienna