Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes


Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes. A biography of the Reverend William H. Law. Written by John Kotzian. Foreword by Frederick Stonehouse. This book tells the life story of the Reverend William H. Law, a story that has never been told before.

The Reverend Law was in peril on the Great Lakes and was rescued by a U.S. Life-Saving Service Station crew. As a result of that rescue, seeing their heroic efforts first hand, Reverend Law dedicated the rest of his life to the men and women stationed at Light and Life-Saving stations throughout the United States. Whether is was bringing his “Floating Library” to stations located on the Great Lakes, regular correspondence with the crews of stations far too remote for a personal visit, or his relentless pursuit of Congress to approve a bill to provide better pay and pensions, Reverend Law became a fast friend to those serving in the Lighthouse and Life-Saving services.

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Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes

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