John B. Cowle

John B. Cowle

Chris Winters’ dramatic description of the tragic loss of the Cowle appears in his text at the beginning of  the Underwater Project section (click on navigation menu at left).

During the summer of 2006, the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society will complete its field survey of this historic shipwreck.  Images are be posted below as they are gathered by the Society Dive Team.  The Cowle is one of the most popular of wrecks near Whitefish Point, being a challenge for tech divers at 215 feet; yet she is remarkably well-preserved.  At the time of her loss, the Cowle was only 7 years old.

Interestingly, a second John B. Cowle was built and put into service in 1910, right after the 1909 disaster.  The second Cowle served successfully under six different owners all the way to January of 1978.  She was destroyed when the grain elevator, to which she was moored in Duluth, caught fire.

Our thanks again to Steve Ouellette and his technical dive team for their invaluable assistance in documentation of this wreck.

We also thank Darryl Ertel, Sarah Wilde, and divers of the Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve for their professional help in field research of the John B. Cowle.

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